How so careless? Du Guzhan quite a while before extrusion from the mouth such a sentence, carefully watched piece of spacecraft meteorite, it seems vaguely see that the above has a criss-cross the red line marks. ghd hair straightener of Du Gu Yu ship formation just He Sike meteorite stations around the circumference of a circle came to a complete stop, he found a space liaison mechanism from Zhang Jiang spacecraft fly over, came to Du Guzhan ghd hair straightener australia ride The battleship Pangchu light signals in order to boarding. See that contact machine out of the boarding request, the Du Guzhan immediately ordered the boarding hatch open warships. The Buduoyihui the Du Guzhan on heard a burst of rapid footsteps from far and the Zhang Jiang took several officers wearing uniforms Hervey Gdansk came in, which a Du Guzhan of feel somewhat familiar, tall, burly figure far from it gives a sense of the more powerful, fine original Luhong. The big man you still alive? Your mercenary group okay? Du Guzhan immediately welcome the past to Luhong asked. ghd straighteners group I and four or five brothers escaped, others call rebels and anti-imperialist alliance to make dumplings. Lu Hong Chong Du Guzhan grinned, nor does he want to cry or to laugh. Road Du Guzhan sorry. Does not matter ghd hair straightener australia the mercenary is this life, as long as they can get ghd hair straightener australia commission payable on the line. Lu Hong some look poorly glanced at Zhang Jiang a fall of Ao Tanli they fled at great risk to his life was saved, but Hervey Trask promised to give their commissions still nowhere to be found! Commission not promised by your side did not give? I'm also looking to you to take the money! Du Guzhan listen Luhong so gave away a bit embarrassing to look at the face of Zhang Jiang palladium immediately understand is the Editor, half-jokingly, half seriously to Zhang Jiang questioned the. Treasury banks are under the control of the rebels and the government in exile of those people and you asked me where to get money far in the Empire. The Zhang Jiang also have difficulties of last resort. So you ......? Big man Do not worry, this kid commission'm dragging ghd australia do not give, I went to his house to sell their home homeowners, to sell his house, how to ghd hair straightener australia cobble together slightly. Would like to ask that this over to No ghd hair straightener australia in the end what to count? Not really want to go to the territory of the anti-imperialist alliance from here? If you can, I do not want to go, but ... Oh, do not say those, I hope ghd hair straightener australia can provide a nationwide opinion and reference. Road to Du Guzhan somewhat helpless. Develop good agreement, the two sides signed Du Guzhan no matter what fooled fooled, at least Nicky space laboratory research funding has been fixed landing, as long as the space-time transfer of that time out, he can went back to their own era, at that time to see Ouyang Zi Yun her what could find yourself in this girl in the world 80 years later, would have become a pile of dry bones!

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