Professor of Urban Studies appointed to UTS:CLG

Professor of Urban Studies appointed to UTS:CLG
17 September 2015

Dr Lee Pugalis has been appointed as Professor of Urban Studies within the UTS Centre for Local Government (UTS:CLG) to re-energise city and regional development debates in Australia. Professor Pugalis joins an enhanced research team at UTS:CLG whose research into social cohesion and 'why local government matters' has achieved prominence recently in the national local government industry and with international industry partners.

Centre Director Associate Professor Roberta Ryan commented: 

"I am delighted to welcome Lee to the Centre and to UTS. Lee hails from the North East of England, a veritable urban policy laboratory, which has shaped his passion for all aspects of urban studies. Lee has a first-class reputation for devising urban regeneration schemes and economic development strategies that grapple with complex social, economic, environmental and physical issues. Through his award winning research, Lee will deepen and extend UTS:CLG's policy engagement, research impact, and bespoke consultancy offering across the field of urban studies".  

Contact Professor Pugalis via 02 9514 7884 or [email protected].

More Information

Dr Pugalis is an expert on city and regional development, who will draw upon his European research experience and previous roles in local, regional and national government to provide new insights to help strengthen intergovernmental relations, cross-sector working and community coproduction that, ultimately, deliver more sustainable patterns of development in Australia. He will do this by extending his pioneering research on entrepreneurial forms of governance and place-based modes of development in an Australasian context.

Professor Pugalis said, "It is an exciting time to be joining UTS:CLG, which has recently reaffirmed 'why local government matters'. It is now time to re-energise city and regional development debates across Australia in a manner that accounts for population growth pressures and new ways of living in the context of international crises, environmental constraints and growing socio-economic disparities. UTS:CLG will be at the forefront of reaffirming 'why city and regional development matters' and how it can be used as a progressive tool for advancing social justice".

Lee comes with an excellent track record of developing multi-sector partnerships that transcend the traditional academic-industry divide.  In particular, he will be working closely with the public policy sector to increase knowledge transfer activities that enhance service provision and policy design, he will be advising city and regional development agencies on place-based assets and opportunities, and he will be supporting local communities to help them perform key roles in policy and decision-making processes.


Biography and research here.

Recent writing and media: 'The paradox of urban policy' in Dialogues of sustainable urbanisation: social science research and transitions to urban contexts [open access] and 'LEPs held back by unclear status' – RTPI report' in Public Sector Executive.

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