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Towards More Sustainable Street Lighting

Asset Management     Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change
This Practice Note lays out the emerging street lighting options for Local Government in Australia; explains how these options will reduce costs, improve service levels and improve environmental outcomes; highlights key impediments to securing these potential benefits; and makes recommendations for action. Read more » Published: 01/08/2014 Program: Organisation capacity building

Pilot Application of the Infrastructure Sustainability Rating Tool to Local Council Road Management - Stage 1

Asset Management     Benchmarking
This paper details the council-based trial of a ratings tool currently under development for sustainable infrastructure management, with a particular focus on road assets. The paper outlines the rating tool in development, the logic behind the ratings metrics used, and the problems encountered with tracking the sustainability of roads management. The paper will be useful for those with an interest in road asset management, benchmarking and sustainability best practice.
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Published: 17/03/2014 Program: Organisation capacity building

Debt is not a dirty word: role and use of debt in local government

Asset Management     Financial Management
This report looks at the potential applications of managed debt to address local infrastructure backlogs and positively support sustainable local communities and organisational performance. Read more »
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Published: 24/02/2014 Program: Organisation capacity building


National Assessment Framework

Asset Management     Financial Management
This document provides background and details about the implementation of the Local Government Financial Sustainability Nationally Consistent Frameworks Assessment on-line Portal.
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Published: 24/06/2012 Program: Organisation capacity building