Town Crier Submission Guidelines

Town Crier Submission Guidelines

The Town Crier is a blog promoting the exchange of knowledge and ideas relating to local government in Australia and internationally. The blog publishes original commentary and analysis for an audience of Australian local government practitioners, researchers, students, organisations and peak bodies.

ACELG welcomes and encourages unsolicited blog posts to the Town Crier. Blog posts should be 300-800 words (though submissions either side of that range are acceptable) and submitted as a Word document with any links embedded in text and references included as footnotes. Accompanying images/videos are also welcome. Articles can address any aspect of local government, particularly within the Australian context, and can take a variety of formats. The three primary types of blog published by the Town Crier are:

  • Reviews of innovative practice: This includes outlines and case studies of innovative local government practice. This is a good blogging option for local government practitioners that are involved in innovative projects and want to share their experiences and learnings with the sector. Talking points might include: an outline of the project; the drivers of innovation (i.e. what local challenges necessitated change?); any challenges/obstacles that were faced in implementation; what worked or didn't work well; lessons for other councils.
  • Event reviews: This involves reporting on local government events and reflecting on how they are shaping the sector. This is a good blogging option for local government event organisers and delegates. Talking points might include: what the event was for; who was in attendance; why the event was (or wasn't) significant; the big issues under discussion; the outcomes; the implications for local government.
  • Original analysis: This involves presenting a point of view on an issue affecting local government. Original analysis is a good blogging option for local government academics, students, practitioners and other authors who wish to present an argument addressing an issue facing the sector, particularly those issues that are contentious, consequential, unpopular, or under-researched.

To submit a blog post for consideration, please email the article along with your biographical information as a Word document to the editor: [email protected]. The editor can assist in reviewing and preparing the blogs for publication.

Why blog?

  • Share insights and information with a wide local government audience
  • Build a professional online profile and expand your CV
  • Connect and instigate discussion with your peers
  • Blog posts may count towards your continuing professional development activities (consult your professional development peak body).

Disclaimer: Publication of submitted articles is not guaranteed, and may be dependent on revisions recommended by the editor. There is no remuneration for submitting work to the Town Crier.