Geraldine O'Connor

Geraldine O'Connor
Senior Programs Officer

Email: [email protected]
Ph: +61 2 9514 1108

Geraldine O'Connor is an urban land use and strategic planner with over 30 years experience in local government where she built strong relationships with the local communities and state government agencies. She has a passion for local government and its capability to work effectively with local communities and as a conduit to other levels of government. She has a particular interest in  the improved: integration of land use planning processes with community development; cross council collaboration; and relationships with state agencies.

Utilising Asset Based Community Development principles, Geraldine developed integrated approaches to working across council and with the community to develop strategic and development control plans to deliver the outcomes of the Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework.

Geraldine has coordinated and delivered courses in Adult Education, VET and Higher Education sectors in Communications, Public Speaking, Development Assessment and Regional Social Policy and Planning. She is responsible for coordinating the Strategic Planning and Social Planning and Development subjects as well as Elected Members Executive Certificate Program.

For a full list of publications by Geraldine O'Connor, see the UTS Website »
  • Local Government Results Accountability Community of Practice
  • FAMs
  • Australian Story Telling Guild.
Research Interests
Geraldine has undertaken research into the preferred learning of Local Government practitioners nationally, employment and training for Local Government Skill shortage areas and a literature review and workshop on creativity for a local government council.
Current research interests include:
  • Development Assessment and leadership skills
  • Storytelling for organisational development, action and to embed learning.
Teaching Areas
  • Development Assessment
  • Strategic Planning
  • Social Planning
  • Policy Integration
  • Story Telling for learning and organisational change.
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