Director to speak at Melbourne Democracy Conference

Director to speak at Melbourne Democracy Conference
24 September 2015

Centre Director A/Prof Roberta Ryan will be a speaker at the Melbourne School of Government's 'Democracy in Transition' conference 6-8 December, 2015.

A/Prof Ryan will join a panel to consider the question What's wrong with political leadership? and others such as, Declining standards of political leadership - is it a case of electing better leaders? Are political leaders actually able to 'lead' in today's political environment, or do perceptions of poor leadership mask deeper issues with our political system? Other panellists will be Melanie Sully, 'Reconnecting citizens with politics through governance', Institute of Go-Governance, Vienna, and Jim Middleton, Centre for Advanced Journalism (CAJ) University of Melbourne, Special Correspondent for Skynews, and former senior ABC journalist.

The session will be chaired by Carol Schwartz AM, Founding Chair of the Women's Leadership Institute of Australia (WLIA), Director Trawalla Foundation, University of Melbourne. Find out more about the conference here »

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