Housing and Local Government in Australia

Housing and Local Government in Australia
11 March 2015

ACELG has published 'Housing and Local Government in Australia in the 21st Century' that canvases some of the key emerging issues in the relationship between housing and local government.

This discussion paper aims to start a conversation about which issues are important, where change is happening most rapidly and which topics require further thought, analysis, research and debate. The research was completed by Professors Andrew Beer (University of Adelaide), Alan Morris (University of Technology Sydney) and Chris Paris (University of Ulster). The paper was used as a basis for workshops with council staff in Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane in late 2014.

Download the report: Housing and Local Government in Australia in the 21st Century

Contact A/Professor Alan Morris: [email protected] / +61 2 9514 4880

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The role of local government in housing cannot be underestimated. There is clear evidence of innovation and progressive thinking across Australia in how local governments relate to housing issues yet the challenge for local government is to identify ways to further engage with housing issues without being burdened by one or more unfunded mandates. Broader, industry wide engagement with this issue (and the forthcoming White Paper on Australian Federalism will provide an opportunity for this debate) and enacting new solutions and approaches at the level of individual councils might assist with this issue.

Local governments can have a significant impact on housing costs – although the precise magnitude is yet to be determined – and housing represents an important income stream for most local governments as the most important component of the rate base in most local government areas. Housing is not a singular  issue or challenge for local government in Australia, rather it raises a number of inter-related questions, for instance, changes in Australian and state government policy settings represent a significant challenge for local governments and how they relate to the housing sector. 

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