Teaching and Learning

Teaching and Learning

The Australian Centre of Excellence for Local Government (ACELG) is the nation's premier university-based teaching, research and consultancy centre dedicated to the advancement and sustainability of local government.

ACELG is also one of a few centres worldwide that designs, prepares and delivers courses that are tailor-made to the education, training and career development of professionals and elected representatives in the local government sector. Our programs are developed with local government, for local government.

As a university-based centre, all programs are fully accredited by UTS and reflect the University's unique approach to practitioner-focused learning.

How We Can Help You

Our courses are designed to suit your career needs and the schedule of a busy professional.

The options range from seminars and short courses, to UTS accredited graduate, masters and PhD programs. 

You can work with our Course Co-ordinators to choose from a wide selection of elective subjects, enabling you to tailor your learning program to your professional focus and career aspirations. 

Expert practitioners, who work on a daily basis in or with local government, present at the sessions. Programs are offered in an interactive workshop style, and students are given the opportunity to learn and interact with local government colleagues. We also offer flexible options for distance and workplace learning.

The benefits of learning with ACELG:
  • Prepared with and for local government
  • Academically rigorous while practical and contemporary
  • Highly interactive learning environment
  • Graduate with a top-tier university credential
  • Busy professionals are supported by flexible programs.
Celebrating our Graduates:

Meet Trish Kirkland, Byron Shire Council, Master of Local Government graduate

I wanted to do the course for two reasons. Firstly, I wanted to better understand the role of councils in the local community and in the wider Australian political system so I could be clearer about what my contribution could be. And secondly, I wanted to advance my career to management level and wanted to do that as quickly as I could.

The course enabled me to achieve both these things. I was promoted to a management level position in the first 12 months of doing the course!

The other real benefits for me were the structure of the course and the networking. I'm in a rural location and the block structure enabled me to have contact with educators and students in a way that didn't disrupt my schedule. I have met a really good network of people, who are like minded and focused, and with whom I'm still in contact.