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’We’ and ‘us’ refers to the Australian Centre of Excellence for Local Government (ACELG). ‘You’ or 'registered user/s’ refers to a person accessing and registering to use the ACELG website (hereafter referred to as 'the site').

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We reserve the right to:

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  • amend the Terms and Conditions at our discretion. We recommend you review the Terms and Conditions regularly.

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  • are spam (posting the same comment multiple times)
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  • invade someone's privacy. Do not post anyone's personal details without their permission. Only post professional details wherever possible.
  • post comments that are not relevant or related to the discussion thread
  • display unsolicited, fraudulent or deceptive information
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You agree that you will not knowingly subvert the functionality of the site. This includes any action that manipulates the underlying software application or other technologies in order to interrupt the service, access information or otherwise derive results that are not part of the intended purpose of the site. Such actions are considered "malicious misuse" and we reserve the right to revoke membership of the site and take appropriate legal action if at any time we suspect any user of having such intentions.

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Users may download printed copies of the material displayed on the site for personal use only (including use at work); provided that you maintain all copyright notices and other proprietary notices and comply with all confidentiality obligations hereunder. You must not permanently store or otherwise copy contents for commercial gain.

All postings must be informational in nature and for informational purposes only. We recognise that consultants and representatives of companies that offer services to local governments have knowledge to contribute to the community; however, overt promotion of products and services by users is prohibited. Commercial use or any other unauthorised use of either site is prohibited.

By making comments on the site you acknowledge that you are contributing to an open forum and that your post can be viewed by any person.

Users who choose to undertake a blog on the site must also read and agree to the blogging guidelines.

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Moderators may be monitoring the site. Any person who fails to observe these rules may have all or part of their post removed without warning.

People who seriously or repeatedly offend against these rules will be deregistered and excluded from any future participation in the site.